Waipu is a small town with a Scottish heritage in Bream Bay, in northwestern New Zealand. The highlight is the annual Highland Games held for the New Year. Not far from the city are the Glowworm Waipu Caves, which contain a significant population of glowing worms.


Glowworm is a common name for various groups of insect larvae that glow with bioluminescence. These include 4 groups of beetles. Their light can be emitted as flashes or as a constant glow. It usually ranges from green, yellow to orange. Another group are 3 genera of fungal mosquitoes in the larval phase. They create blue-green light. The larvae form sticky cobwebs to catch food. They are found in caves, overhangs, rock cavities and other protected, wet areas.

Since I think this phenomenon can only be seen in New Zealand, most of the caves are with a guide and you must pay for a visit. A visit to the Glowworm Caves is also one of the TOP places you can visit here. But I managed to find caves in Waipu, which are FREE and you go at your own risk. But the expedition was really worth it. Although you have to reckon with the fact that you will pass the cave with ice water, mud and slippery stones… ..It depends on you whether you prefer – ruined shoes or risk it like us barefoot. Deep in the cave, a unique experience awaits you, which elsewhere you will not see 🙂


Mangawhai is an area around the port of Mangawhai, where sand mining began before 1940. The place is nestled between the Pacific environment and agricultural land.

Our Accommodation

And it was in this area that we managed to see a stingray near the pier not far from our accommodation.

And we will have another wonderful memory of a walk along Langs Beach and swimming in the South Pacific.

Afternoon with alpacas

And finally, Martin’s dream comes true. Before we went here, Martin declared how he must definitely see alpacas, so I managed to find an elderly couple who bred alpacas and arranged an afternoon program with them, including an explanation of alpacas breeding, walking with them, feeding and finally acquaintance with the process of shaving alpacas, wool processing, quality recognition and final products. And I still carry in my head the fact that the owner sews scarves at home…. I thought maybe I would order one before the winter. Firstly, because it is not a completely normal thing, and also because the wool heats up beautifully and has a long life. And as for our afternoon with alpacas, I can say that my idea was really successful. I just hope that one day Martin will not want to breed alpacas personally, because, as with any animal, it is a lot of work that requires time and patience.

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