Looking back, all I can say is that we were really lucky that our travel together ended before global concerns and strict rules due to the coronavirus crisis. It is true that thanks to the so-called Lockdown, I had time to sort all the photos and videos, but on the other hand, we see that the world will not be the same as before.

New Zealand has issued one of the strictest rules, so we are now essentially in an isolated country. This term reminds me of a home that was closed to the outside world until the revolution. I did not experience it personally, but even from stories, you can imagine a “limited” life in the country.

For the locals, the closure of the country is probably one of the most difficult events that happened to them. I have heard them talk about the fact that they feel as if they live in a country with a communist regime because the inability to travel abroad freely is a great restriction on freedom for most of them.

The end in New Zealand with a SkyTower Tour

Before Martin’s mother and sister left us, we decided to end our journey with a view to Auckland from SkyTower. We walked around this tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere (328 meters) almost every week, but we had never gone up before.

SkyTower was opened on August 3, 1997. Located in central Auckland, it is built to withstand the 8.0 Richter scale of an earthquake from 20 km focus. At the top of the tower is a revolving restaurant that rotates 360 degrees every hour. For adrenaline adventurers, SkyJump is available from the tower. The tower shines with different colours to support several charities and major events.

Evaluation of the North Island expedition

I can say for myself that travelling with more people is much more interesting, especially when some members of a family decide to fly to the other side of the world. Some may argue that we only managed one island, but what kind of life would it be if we managed everything in one go. At least we can start planning a “new expedition” – this time to the South Island. Who will come ???

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