As I wrote in the previous article, our departure to Bangkok was at 22:30. In 2 hours we landed, picked up our backpacks and solved the following problem. Where will we spend tonight – especially at this hour. Unfortunately, the sim card from Cambodia was finished and we couldn´t activate the sim card from Thailand. Fortunately, we got the wifi connection at the airport (only for 1 hour, but it was enough for us). We found the hostel quickly and it was about 15 minutes walk from the airport with non-stop reception and breakfast included. We were lucky that the payment could also be made online via the Internet because we didn´t have any Thai currency.

The hostel was nicely furnished, new and with friendly staff. Our visa for Vietnam was approved after more than a week from the application, so we canceled the plans to travel to Vietnam. We only knew that we had bought tickets to Dubai from Hanoi so we had to fly to Vietnam. We left it until the evening of April 17, 2018, a few hours before our flight: HANOI – DUBAI, which was 18.4.2018 at 1:30.

We wanted to enjoy 2 weeks in Bangkok, but what was the reality?

The weather was very dry and hot (April is the hottest month of the year) – over 40 ° C in the city between the hot concrete buildings, so before we started thinking about some Bangkok trips, we went to the supermarket. On the way back we were sweating, so we stayed in the hostel with the fan for the next days (air conditioning worked overnight). I was at least glad that a large marketplace was under the roof on the opposite side, where I went for ice cream, fresh fruit, or take some photos – these places are amazing for me!

Because we stayed in the hostel for a long time (travelers stay here obviously only between flights), we became acquainted with the owner and his family. It was their family business and they accepted us to the family. As a thank you for long-term stay, we negotiated a lower price, we could behave at home in the hostel (f.e. use a separate kitchen, washing machine, etc.) and sometimes we had a lunch or dinner with them. I have to admit that in this style, culture, customs, and above all local cuisine is totally different. In addition, you can learn a lot more than you know from the public.

The Third New Year – this time the Thai Songkran (the most significant Thai public holiday)

Yes… A new year is here! For us this year for the third time. Great celebrations and holidays … so we were a little surprised when the owners of the hostel told us that they are going to visit their relatives and we will stay at the hostel ourselves. They explained the lock codes to us and went away. For us, it was totally incomprehensible. I really admire their confidence because they believed to us that we will not destroy anything. In Asia, it is a bit different world than in Europe. I think that they don´t need a material riches … The family is the most important for them! Everything else is secondary.

And how does Songkran celebrate?

It wasn´t possible to shoot such wild celebrations. In a few seconds, the phone would not survive. During the celebrations, there are masks and allegorical cars. People use a powder and after then a water. Children are equipped with spray guns and cars are loaded with barrels of water. Everything is carried in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere. If people are wet from your spray gun, you give them respect and at the same time cleanse them from all bad things, so they are clean in the new year.

It was really a great Asian wilderness! It’s a shame we don´t have a similar habit in Bohemia. Such a water party would be perfect in the summer months!